Arria 10 SoC Development Platform

The Altera Arria 10 SoC Development Platform is designed to allow rapid development and deployment of high performance networking or process intensive applications.  The main board is designed with all networking interfaces on one edge of the board and the opposite edge has the control and power interfaces.  This connector arrangement allows the development platform to be used in a 1U enclosure for benchtop or rackmount installations allowing deployment into production.  A single 12V power supply is all that is required to power the device.  



  • Altera Arria 10 SoC standalone platform
  • Networking centric design
  • Front facing FMC mezzanine slot
  • Compact 8.5" x 6.75" module
  • Customizable 1U enclosure available
  • Complete FPGA support package available
  • Full suite of Ethernet IP cores available


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Low to mid volume production
  • OEM and white label branding available

Target Markets

  • Wireline and Wireless Networking
  • RF Communications Processing
  • Signal Processing 
  • Video Imaging Processing
  • 1G / 10G / 40G Wire-Speed Encryption / Decryption
  • High Performance Computing
  • High-speed trading and Financial


  • $4,995 each (USD)
  • Quantity discounts available



Arria 10 web

The Altera Arria SoC (10AS066-2E) based development platform is a network centric design with a single FMC mezzanine slot for application flexibility. All network and user interfaces are located on one edge and control / power on the opposite edge allowing for quick custom enclosure solutions. An integrated USB Byteblaster II is included for easy lab debugging

arria 10 soc module block diagram

Front Panel Interfaces

  • Dual QSPF+ ports for 40G interfaces
  • Quad SFP+ ports for 10G/1G interfaces
  • FMC interface with partial HPC support; All LA, HA and 10 Serdes lanes routed to FPGA
  • Max VADJ of 1.8V on LA, HA signals; DIP switch selectable for 1.2V, 1.5V and 1.8V
  • 5 – 200MHz external reference clock input
  • 1PPS or IRIG-A/B/G input

HPS Configuration and Memory Interface

  • HPS side 2Gbyte 32-bit DDR4 DRAM bank
  • On-board 1Gbit QSPI Flash memory
  • On-board socket for uSD memory card
  • On-board 16Gbyte eMMC storage device
  • DIP switch selectable booting from on-board QSPI, uSD card, or FPGA fabric including CvP

On-board Development and Debug Support

  • On-board reset pushbutton and configuration DIP switches
  • Multiple on-board diagnostic and status LED’s
  • On-board I2C monitor access to main power regulators
  • On-board I2C access to clock synthesizer and programmable oscillators
  • Module and SoC on-die temperature monitoring

Rear Panel Control and Debug Intefaces

  • GiGE interface to the Arria SoC HPS
  • Type A USB 2.0 Host port to the Arria SoC HPS
  • Micro-USB port for serial console access to the HPS processor
  • Micro-USB port for integrated ByteBlaster II access to the FPGA / SoC JTAG port
  • 1x PCIe Gen2 slave (CvP capable) interface via USB3.0 interface connector

FPGA Configuration and Memory Interface

  • FPGA side 4Gbyte 64-bit DDR4 DRAM bank
  • 512Mbit QSPI Flash device
  • On-board PCIe connection to allow CvP configuration of the FPGA fabric over PCIe

Clock and Synchronization Functions

  • Flexible clocking to allow operation of interfaces at multiple rates
  • Front panel input for 5MHz-200MHz external reference clock
  • Front panel IRIG A/B/G (AM and DLCS) or 1PPS interface

Power Tree

  • Single 12V power connecter
  • Adheres to Altera’s recommended Arria10 power-up and power-down sequencing

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