Mantaro FPGA IP Cores and Solutions

Mantaro's FPGA team has developed and tested many FPGA cores and solutions that are available to drop into an Altera or Xilinx device. We provide a comprehensive set of IP cores (Ethernet, DMA, and Peripheral), frameworks for COTS FPGA modules and COTS platforms for solutions implementing high speed Ethernet interfaces. Mantaro can also customize any available open source core or one of our own cores to meet your requirements. Mantaro has been enabling the accelerated deployment of 100G and 40G Ethernet with its affordable, interoperability tested and FPGA vendor/family agnostic 40G Ethernet IP core and 100G Ethernet IP cores. In addition we also offer Ultra-Low Latency 10G Ethernet IP core and Ultra-Low Latency 25G Ethernet IP core targeted for Financial, High-Frequency Trading, and HPC (High Performance Computing) applications.

For a product brief on an available Mantaro FPGA IP Core choose from the table below. Mantaro's cores have true sign once licensing options with NO yearly maintenance fees. Please read product brief for more information.

Ethernet Cores
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Video ===> Watch a Mantaro 100G Ethernet Demo Video!
HTK-100G-ETH-320-C10 100G Only 320-bit Ethernet MAC + PCS @ 312.5MHz Solution; 10x10
HTK-100G-ETH-320-C4 100G Only 320-bit Ethernet MAC + PCS @ 312.5MHz Solution; 4x25
HTK-40G-ETH-128 40G Only 128-bit Ethernet MAC + PCS @ 312.5MHz Solution
HTK-ULL25G-ETH-64 25G Ultra Low latency, 64-bit Ethernet MAC + PCS Solution (64-bit and 128-bit UI)
HTK-ULL10G-ETH-32 10G Ultra Low latency, 32-bit MAC + PCS Solution (32-bit and 64-bit UI)
HTK-LL10G-ETH-32 10G Low latency, 32-bit MAC + PCS @ 312.5MHz Solution (32-bit and 64-bit UI)
HTK-GIGE-TRI-MAC-8 GiGE / Triple-speed Ethernet MAC 8-bit core with GMII/RGMII/SGMII interface @ 125MHz/12.5MHz/1.25MHz Solution
HTK-TRI-MAC-8 10/100/1000 Tri-MAC 8-bit core with MII/GMII/RGMII interface @ 125MHz/25MHz/2.5MHz Solution


Miscellaneous Cores
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HTK-CLAUSE91-RS-FEC Clause 91 Reed Solomon FEC
HTK-SG-PCIeDMA Scatter Gather DMA Controller - Solution options for GiGE, 10G, 25G, and 40G
HTK-UOE-FPGA UDP/IP Encapsulation / De-Encapsulation Engine

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