Mantaro DSP Design Services

Mantaro is unique in the digital signal processing (DSP) world because we combine system level signal processing knowledge with the ability to implement solutions in software, hardware, or the best combination of the two for the job at hand. Our background in real time, high-reliability embedded software development means that our code will be production quality: reliable, well-tested, and well-behaved in the presence of exceptional cases. Our FPGA solutions integrate efficiently with the system software.
Mantaro has experience in the following areas:
  • System level analysis and design
  • FPGA and programmable DSP implementation
  • Algorithm development, analysis, and optimization
    • Noise filtering algorithms
    • Compression algorithms
    • Parameter optimization algorithms
    • Algorithms for highly distributed processing & sensing environments such as mesh networks
    • Novel algorithms in above fields using sparse representation and compressive sampling
  • Time and frequency domain filters
  • Signal conditioning, detection, and estimation
  • Timing synchronization and acquisition
  • Jitter processing, measurement, and analysis
  • Modulation/Demodulation (QPSK, OQPSK, QAM, OFDM, FSK, FM)
  • Channel coding: block and convolutional error detection/correction codes
  • Telephony signaling (DTMF/MF/R2/SF)
  • Digital beamforming
  • Software-definable radio architectures
  • Multichannel, multirate channelization architectures
  • Matlab/Simulink expertise
  • Altera DSP Builder / Xilinx System Generator expertise

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