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You probably already know that shoehorning shields and bulky ferrites on your product is not particularly effective in solving your EMI problem from a cost, logistics, or performance perspective. Unlike most EMI consultants, we are experienced product design engineers with a solid RF background. We identify the root of the problem and address it from a circuit and structural perspective.

Our clients’ needs are varied, routinely presenting us with many challenges, ranging from severe compliance violations, to self-interference, to aggressive susceptibility requirements.

To address a misconception, EMI management is not black magic. It is a methodical process of identifying the physical and discrete elements of the circuit. We focus on managing currents at their source, decoupling, dampening resonances, and shielding or introducing ferrites when appropriate. EMI problems can be confusing because generally there are multiple competing sources, generally masked by the strongest offender. Separating and addressing each source requires a methodical and analytic approach.

In most new engagements, we are presented with a relative mature design that cannot be released to production due to modest to severe compliance failures. Perhaps you have sought help from your compliance house without successful resolution. Please call us so we can help you get to the root of your urgent problem and onto a viable solution. You will speak to an EMI expert with the goal of helping you gain insight into your problem.

Mantaro develops high-speed digital, low noise RF, analog and mixed signal designs adhering to various compliance standards. Mantaro can guide the EMI design process at each stage of development and manage the product through the compliance process with the appropriate labs. While we can help address EMI problems at the back end, design for EMI earlier in the process lowers cost and size, and significantly reduces execution risk.

  • Signal integrity management
  • EMI/RFI root cause analysis and mitigation
  • EMI/RFI architecture and planning
  • Shielding minimization
  • FCC / CE / NEBS failure analysis
  • Minimize redesign to pass certification
  • Interface with compliance houses
  • Agency Filings

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