Mantaro Medical Product Design

Mantaro has worked with medical device manufacturers to develop custom solutions for their applications. These systems often combine custom hardware and software development with commercial off the shelf equipment. Our experience with computing platforms, embedded microcontrollers and signal processing allows us to address many issues found in the medical device field. Mantaro realizes that a reliable and safe solution is essential in this environment where equipment failure can have severe consequences. Mantaro works in partnership with our clients to ensure that the system developed meets their product cost, performance goals and regulatory requirements.

  • Neurological stimulus product to aid stroke victims' recovery
  • Low power battery operated devices
  • Peristaltic infusion pumps
  • EMG activity measurement
  • Infusion fluid pressure, flowrate and volume control
  • Vesicle pressure measurement
  • Disposable sensor development
  • IEC and UL 60601 standards compliance and testing
  • Patient data logging
  • Flow profile generating pumps for testing and calibrating medical equipment
  • Design History File maintenance during product development process

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