Robot Design & Development Services

Mantaro designs custom robotic products for a variety of applications. Using our library of hardware, software and industrial design solutions we can rapidly design a robot for your application.   
Robot Platforms

Mantaro has developed robots with a variety of wheeled and tracked platforms. Our wheeled platforms use efficient and quiet worm gear motors to directly drive the wheels. Wheeled robots with two driven wheels can be designed as three or four wheeled robot configurations depending on payload requirements. Four wheeled robots can have either two or four driven wheels. Our drive systems support both standard wheels and mecanum wheels to best suit the application. Robots can also be designed on a tracked platform where each track can be controlled separately minimizing power consumption.

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The articulated ARTI platform is designed to climb up and down stairs and over other objects found in unstructured environment.  Mantaro can equip the ARTI plafrom with a variety of sensors, cameras and other custom accessories as required to meet your applications requirements.  



Suspension systems for four wheeled and tracked robots are designed to ensure that all the wheels or tracks stay in contact with the ground as the robot moves over uneven surfaces. Robots can be designed to carry a variety of payloads. Robot suspension also minimizes shock and vibration to the robot’s extremities and payload.


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 Robot platforms are designed with maintenance, serviceability and extensibility in mind. All electronics and drive systems can be readily accessed without requiring extensive robot disassembly.

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Custom Electronics for Robots

Mantaro has developed custom circuit boards that integrate robotic control circuitry for motor drives, servo controls, laser drivers, LED lighting controls, battery charging and power control. These boards can form the basis of a custom robot or can be modified to suit your application.

  • Wireless or Internet / WIFI Remote control to control your robot from anywhere in the world
  • Custom motor control and power control circuit boards
  • Linear actuator and servo motion control
  • Efficient Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) motor control
  • Closed loop motion control systems
  • IR and acoustic sensor ranging

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Control Systems and Software
Mantaro has a full suite of software applications for controlling robots in various applications. Mantaro can design or customize software applications for your application. Our software allows you to control your robots from across the room to across the world.

Mantaro firmware provides real-time control of robot drive motors, control loops for actuators and arms. Real-time control ensures that the robot remains under control of the user and can stop the robot movement immediately when a fault condition is detected. 


Robot Applications

Mantaro has robot application software that manages network connectivity and communications. It also provides user access, user management and security. Version of the robot applications are designed for software environments including Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Android. The robot application software provides the heart of the system including message management, control of automatic USB camera switching and communications to firmware/microcontrollers.

Robot Application


Mantaro has developed several ways for a user to control a robot. These include web based controllers written in Java Script, Windows executables, and Android applications.


The web based controllers are cross platform compatible and will work on almost any device that supports a modern Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser. The controller downloads and executes in the web browser and then communicates directly with the robot and does not require further web server resources after the initial download.

User control of the robot can be through touch screen, accelerometer, game pad or mouse and keyboard depending on the preference of the user and the capabilities supported by the device use as the controller.

Cloud Systems
Mantaro has experience developing cloud based robot support applications including IP address to robot name look up servers, low latency robot communications, reservation systems and robot monitoring systems.

Connecting to robots that are located on private networks that are isolated from the Internet by firewalls can be challenging. Mantaro has developed systems that utilize cloud resources to facilitate connecting and control of robots in many network configurations. The design of these systems must provide low latency communications for control and high availability to ensure connectivity when required.

Robot monitoring systems
Robots need to be ready to perform a task when they are needed. Mantaro has developed robot monitoring systems that are cloud based and will actively monitor each robot in a fleet and make sure that it is available, fully charged and capable of performing a task. Should a monitored parameter fall outside of the preset criteria the system will generate an email or SMS alert such that the appropriate action can be taken.


Reservation systems
Robot fleets that are a shared resource need to be scheduled such that they are available for users with minimal conflict. Mantaro has developed cloud based robot reservation and user management systems that allow robots to be scheduled by one or more users for a specific time of day.

Res System


Full Integration Capabilities:

  • Rapid prototype of hardware, software and mechanical robotic systems
  • Full model shop for rapid prototyping and small production runs
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