Mantaro Wireless Power Design Services / AirFuel Alliance and Qualcomm WiPower Design Partner

Mantaro is a design partner for AirFuel Alliance and of Qualcomm WiPower, a recognized leader in developing and licensing Wireless Power technology. WiPower's technology uses the principles of magnetic induction to efficiently transmit power wirelessly to charge portable devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. Mantaro's years of embedded product development experience has now been supplemented with in depth experience using Qualcomm WiPower's innovative wireless power technology. The combination of Mantaro's expert engineering skillset and license to provide design services to customers that want to intergrate the wireless technology enables you to incorporate premier wireless power solutions tailored to your application.



From product conception to release to manufacturing, Mantaro is able to support any or all phases of development for AirFuel Alliance / Qualcomm WiPower's wireless technology. Mantaro can design, embed, and integrate wireless power technology into any wireless powered product solutions. Many existing products can also be retrofitted with this technology to give it a fresh appeal. Mantaro also has the capability to develop other proprietary wireless power solutions as well. Ask Mantaro about integrating wireless power technology into your product today!

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